Caroline Attan

Current Collection

Caroline Attan’s artwork draws on a decade of research into the role of objects in the formation of memory, identity and personal history. She combines text and image to create highly contemporary abstract forms that function as loaded repositories of the past

In the Neruda series Caroline visually reinterprets the poetry of Pablo Neruda to express the conflicting and contradictory emotions of desire, humour, anger, frustration and affection that his work inspires. Words and phrases in both Spanish and English are literally folded together to create bold yet intricate circular compositions that personalize the spontaneity and directness of his passion. Tantalizing snatches of memories and desire revolve endlessly over collaged backgrounds, encouraging the viewer along multiple strands of thought. The technique allows for ingenuity and flexibility. Some compositions disrupt or loudly announce their text or subtexts, while others absorb them into a calm coherent whole. The speed and complexity of phrases are visually presented through hand written poems of Neruda in both Spanish and English; Intricate combinations of text and delicately folded coloured paper evoke the content and interpretation.

Caroline has lectured and given conference papers throughout Britain that draw on her doctorate research into ‘significant objects and migrants experience.’

Selected Exhibitions

2016 AAF Battersea, 20-23 October, Northcote Gallery

2016 El Sueño, 21January-16 February, Northcote Gallery

2015 AAF Battersea, 22-25 October, Northcote Gallery

2015 Summer Exhibition, 1 August- 11 September, The Gallery at ice, Windsor

2015 Breath of Fresh Air, Group Show, 23 April- 17 May, Byard Art, 14 King's Parade, Cambridge

2015 Group Show, 31 March- 30 April, Northcote Gallery, 253 King's Road, London

2015 Selected work exhibited at The Gallery at ice, Windsor

2015 AAF New York, 26-29 March, Bicha Gallery

2015  AAF Brussels, 6-9 February, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF Singapore, 21-23 November, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF Hamburg, 13-16 November, Bicha Gallery

2014  Art Toronto, 24-27 October, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF Battersea,  23-26 October, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF Stockholm, 2-5 October, Bicha Gallery

2014  KIAF, Korea International Art Fair, 25-29 September, Bicha Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014  Art Southampton, 24-28 july, Bicha Gallery, NY, USA

2014  Art Hamptons, 11-13 July, Bicha Gallery, NY USA

2014  AAF Hampstead, Spring, 12-15 June, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF New York, Spring, 2-6 April, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF Hong Kong, 20-23 March, Bicha Gallery

2014  AAF Brussels, 6-10 February, Bicha Gallery 

2014  London Art Fair, 14-19 January, Bicha Gallery

2013  AAF Singapore, 21-24 November, Bicha Gallery

2013  Cambridge City Art Fair, 14-17 November, My Life in Art 

2013  AAF Battersea, 24-27 October, Bicha Gallery 

2013  AAF Stockholm, 3-6 October, Bicha Gallery

2013  Buy Art, Manchester, 26-29 September, My Life in Art

2013  AAF Hampstead, 13-16 June, My Life in Art

2013  AAF Battersea, 6-10 March, My Life in Art

2013  Scream Gallery, work on consignment

2012  AAF Singapore, 15-18 November, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

2012  AAF Hampstead, 1-4 November, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

2012  Art Toronto, 26-29 October, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery 

2012  Young Collectors, 17 October- 2 November, Rebecca Hossack 

          Gallery, Mott Street, NYC

2012  AAF Fall, New York City, 4-7 October, Rebecca Hossack Art


2012  Summer mixed show, 5 -31 August, 2012, 

          Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, Mott Street, NYC

2012  Londinium Exhibition, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, Conway St.

2012  Art Hamptons , Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, Hamptons, USA

2012  Art Melbourne, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

2012  Nature: Mixed Show, 5 May-2 June at Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery,  

          Conway Street

2012  AAF Battersea, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London

2012  20/21 International Art Fair, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, 

          Royal College of Art, London

2012  Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, Charlotte Street, London

2012  Catto Gallery, Hampstead, London 

2012  London Art Fair, TAG Fine Arts Islington, London

2011  AAF Hampstead, TAG Fine Arts, London

2011  AAF Battersea, The Art Movement, London

2011  Art London, Chelsea, The Art Movement 

2011  The Avenue Bar and Restaurant, The Art Movement, London

2011  AAFNYC Tag Fine Arts, New York City, USA.

2011  ‘Image to Object’ The Red Gate Gallery, London

2010  ‘Art in Mind’, The Brick Lane Gallery

2009  ‘The Discerning Eye Exhibition’, The Mall Galleries.

2009  The Islington Contemporary Art Fair

2008  ‘Water series’, Lauderdale House, London 

1981  Degree Show, Winchester College of Art