Jazzy Westinghouse

Current Collection
Born to artistic parents, Jazzy Westinghouse was immersed from an early age into different cultures and environments. A childhood spent living abroad in the Asias and the Americas has helped to develop her uniquely colourful and distinctive style. 
Early artistic influences include the works of Ken Done, Paul Gauguin, Peter Doig and time spent with her grandfather in Florence learning about the old Masters.
  •  Chelsea College of Arts in London -Jazzy learnt to stretch and build her own canvases and to mix pigments to make oil paints
  • Sarum Studios in Salisbury - learning the site-size method of the old masters under the tutorage of Nicholas Beere. 
  • Morley College London - Sculpture and Ceramics
2020 Northcote Gallery Christmas Exhibition
2020 Nadia Waterfield Autumn Show
         Nadia Waterfield Spring Show
2019  Nadia Waterfield Spring Show
2018  Nadia Waterfield Fine Art Autumn Show
         Art and wine at Chute Lodge