Timothy Gatenby

Current Collection

Timothy Gatenby is a London based artist painting in oils. Originally from Stratford-upon-Avon he studied a BA in film at Queen Mary University before undertaking the rigorous atelier programme at Charles Cecil Studios, Florence. Since leaving Italy in 2012 he has regularly exhibited in group exhibitions in the UK.  His paintings have been selected for a number of competitions including, BP Portrait Prize, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and New English Arts Club.


‘Rivers, roads, fields and fog, familiar places you can’t quite hold, unpredictable symbols of the journey which reflect the passage through life. Using the medium of oil painting, I channel the ethereal nostalgia of these memories, projecting the experiences onto the canvas.


The paradox of motorways; like dark clouds collecting before a storm, a hard sterility has crushed

the cavalier spirit which crowned their early days by way of death, speed cameras and congestion. Motorways are now a means to an end. There is hardly a sense of excitement at the prospect of

new roads being opened. Local protest appears more likely to manifest amongst people keen to

keep the drone and fumes away from their homes.


Despite their relentless unease, I find grace in these magnificent roads; the palisades, the drivers

and concrete tunnels. A sense of flying through the world, elevated as if magically teleporting in

evolved vessels of glorified metal. The landscape which has reformed itself to complement the

slick redesign of whizzing steel. The wonderful collaboration between people and their vehicles,

dicing with death by putting their trust in one another. Nature restructured.’ 


Affordable Art Fair, Northcote Gallery, Battersea, London

Chelsea Art Society, Chelsea Town Hall, London

The Many Faces of a Narcissist, St Mark's Church, Florence

Technicians Make it Happen, Mall Galleries, London


Affordable Art Fair, Northcote Gallery, Battersea, London

Emerging Artists, Oil&Water Gallery, London

Chelsea Art Society, Chelsea Town Hall, London

New English Art Club, Mall Galleries, London

Human Form, Oil&Water Gallery, London


Sargent Today, Morgan, Fairford

Emerging Artists. Oil & Water Gallery, London

Broadway Arts Festival Compition, Little Buckland Gallery, Broadway


The Wine-Dark Sea, Vermillion Hook, Mark Powell Bespoke, London


BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London

Summer Exhibition, Royal Acadamy of Arts, London

Show me the Monet, Mall Galleries, London