Tom Homewood

Current Collection

Tom Homewood was born in 1972. He grew up in a small hamlet in Sussex where he spent much of his childhood drawing everything and anything. In 1985 he was awarded an art scholarship to St.Bedes Secondary School.

Tom went on to complete a foundation course at Brighton University and then a degree course at Kent Institute of Art & Design where he studied under Llewellyn Thomas RCA.

It was at his first exhibition in 1995 that Tom was offered a position in a UK Top 100 advertising agency. He accepted and spent the next decade illustrating and art directing for many international beauty and fashion brands including Dior, Ralph Lauren, Armani and L’Oréal.

When his father, Philip David Homewood, was diagnosed with a critical illness, Tom decided to leave the world of advertising to focus more on his family and painting.

To date he has had nine solo exhibitions in London and has exhibited all over Europe and in New York. This year he will also show at Glyndebourne and the Royal College of Art.




My autumn London collection is called 'Coast and Country' and features new Sussex seascapes.

Cornish-made art, past and present, has influenced me since I was a teen and this latest body of work explores the coastline of Sussex while adopting what I see as a post-war 'west country approach' - working on textured panels with strong mark-making and a paired-down palette that includes many shades of white, grey and 'black'.

Sussex has several over-painted, cliché views. I have tried to find new ways to see these. For example, I have painted the much-filmed coastguard cottages at Cuckmere Haven (Atonement, Harry Potter, Foyle's War) looking inland, instead of the classic view that includes the Seven Sisters.

I have also made paintings around the beautiful old fishermen huts at Hastings, the working boats at Worthing and Eastbourne, the marina at Brighton and the striking cliffs at Seaford. 


Autumn 2014

Author and critic, Julian Bell, wrote:

‘Tom has an extraordinary gift for making a line sing. His pictures turn on sudden twists of the brush or pencil that resonate through the spaces they divide. What happens in each piece may be a humble moment of face-to-face recognition, the expression of a dog or a shaft of cathedral illumination, but always it is keen, fluid and heartfelt. Tom’s accent on the humane, the vulnerableand the modest sets him in a tradition stretching back throughLowry and Sickert to the Impressionists, a tradition reanimated and rerouted by his springy art


Below are two short films, captured by Charlie Bird

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June - Beloved Over All, Northcote Gallery, Battersea

Oct - AAF Battersea Northcote Gallery


Oct - Looking into the Sky, Northcote Gallery, Battersea

Oct - AAF Battersea Northcote Gallery


Oct - Coast and Country Northcote Gallery, Battersea

Oct - AAF Battersea Northcote Gallery


April - Northcote Gallery, Battersea

May - Glyndebourne, East Suusex

Nov - Royal College of Art, London

Group Exhibitions

Strarta Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London

AAF Battersea, London

Chase, RCA, London


Nov - Northcote Gallery, Battersea

Group Exhibitions

AAF London

Chase RCA London

McAllister Thomas, Surrey


Northcote Gallery, London

ArtHamptons, New York

Chase, RCA, London

Cricket Fine Art, Hampshire


Northcote Gallery, London

AAF, Brussels

ArtLondon, London

Chase, RCA, London

Cricket Fine Art, Hampshire


Northcote Gallery, London

AAF, Amsterdam

Samling, Newcastle


Northcote Gallery, London

AAF, London


Northcote Gallery, London

Samling, Newcastle